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Rock Showcase Performer Guidelines

Hosted & coordinated by Sheena Metal.

Need a place to ROCK? Sheena Metal is one of LA's premiere promoters & works hard to make sure up & coming indie artists have places to share their talents usually without pay-to-play. Her own Music Highway site is all about promoting yourself & becoming the artists you're meant to be. Since Sheena & SongNet share similar philosophies about the indie community, we've aligned with her to make sure our ROCKIN' band oriented members have an opportunity to PLUG IN & get LOUD! So now, we have a stage for YOU, in ANY GENRE!

WHO is Sheena Metal? Browse and be educated:

Sheena Metal Productions

-and -

Sheena on FM Talk 97.1

Sheena - Comedienne

Sheena - EIOzine

Sheena on Geocities

Showcase Signups:

Rock showcases: sheena@songnet.org

General showcase info/signup: showcase@TheSongNet.org

Showcase Administrator Contact: Jimi jimi@TheSongNet.org


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