L.A. Songwriter's Network

Songwriter's Song Pitch Guidelines

Pitch nights are held at the Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave
Altadena, CA
on the second Wednesday of each month.
Currently, Pitch nights are done in conjunction with LAMP, and reviewers are setup thru Leslie Waller or Jimi Yamagishi

Song Pitch Signups: email to pitch@songnet.org
Contacts: Jimi jimi@TheSongNet.org or Leslie leslie@songnet.org

Posted event start times are 7:30 PM. Sharp.
A $10 cover will be charged to any NON CARDED attendees
A $10 per song rate will be charged to EVERYONE.

Discount Available:
Carded Affiliate members of SongNet, Songsalive, LAMN/NARIP only will have the cover waived.
However, attendees will have the opportunity to register for SongNet PLUS membership onsite.
You're welcome to email pitch@songnet.org if you have any questions and to handle pre-registration issues. Registrations will also be handled on line.

Style/Genre of music being sought will be posted at least a week prior to the event.
If a submission is made that is obviously not within the specified genre, it may not be reviewed in the interest of time. If any specific attendees chronically submit in the wrong context, they may be banned from future participation. For example, if a reviewer asks specifically for GUITAR songs and you bring in accordion music, you're out.

Music submitted for the event must be on Redbook standard CD or CDR. Individual cuts preferred, full 8x10 lyric sheet rubber banded to the jewel case. Having a backup "in pocket" is recommended.
In this day and age, cassettes are not acceptable. If a full CD is submitted, the specified track must be clearly marked on the jewel box on a separate label, not just marked on your J-card. Please remove the shrink wrap.

A full size lyric sheet must also be supplied even if the lyric is printed in the CD booklet.
Be sure both the lyric sheet and CD have your contact information clearly printed on them. You can't get signed if they can't find you!

Submissions will be heard on a first-come basis.

We are working on setting up a closed circuit loop or at least an audio feed to the restaurant area so that we can accommodate some overflow. That way, if anyone chooses to leave after their submission is heard and critiqued, we will be able to allow others to come in. In theory, if each person gets 3 minutes, we can actually accommodate 60 people, however, the fire marshal says otherwise.
We are STRICTLY LIMITED TO 49 PEOPLE in the stage area, including the sound guy and the reviewer(s) So please be there on time. We will only hold a reserved seat until 8:00, at which time we will allow door registrants to come in as space is available.
Absentee SongNet PLUS members can get reviews by regular US postal mail. Please email pitch@songnet.org for details.


SongNet and LAMP are not responsible for what happens next. Your work will be re-evaluated by the most reputable people in the business. If you've been to our seminars and gotten the recommended books, you'll know what happens next. We will either provide the reviewer's contact information or forward email for you in the event you get picked up. But any negotiations are strictly up to you.

If your work is not picked up:

Don't be discouraged! It's a good idea to stay and listen to everyone else's work though, 'cuz you will learn from other people's mistakes, and you may even find a collaborator as you listen! Some people keep several demos "in pocket" to pass out to people they find interesting. You'll be sitting with artists that are doing the same stuff you are, in the same genres. You'll find more power in cooperation instead of competition!

CDs that are not picked up will be placed in a box near the door about every 5 songs.
All CDs not claimed will be destroyed within a week of the event, unless prior arrangements have been made.
The PITCH event is a joint venture between Los Angeles Music Productions and the Los Angeles Songwriter's Network.

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