SONGNET Showcase: L.A. Songwriter's Network
Coffee Gallery Backstage

March 16, 2005
Click Photo for larger image if avail. Photos: T Honles

Special Songwriter's Network Guests, John Braheny (author "The Craft and Business of Songwriting" and songwriting pro) and Tess Taylor (NARIP and LAMN) wish Jimi Yamagishi a "Happy Birthday"

Ron Ely

Sherie Davis

C J Littlepage

Sumitra and Alex

Happy Birthday Jimi!!!

Tom Fair

Linda Geleris

Craig Lincoln

Kathrynn Grimm

James Hurley

Karie Hillery, and Karie with Jimi

Marina V on electric piano

Marina V on acoustic guitar

James Potkey opens the envelope...and the winner is...

First annual JIMI award winner: Jimi Yamagishi!

Jeannie Willets

Charlie White

Jimi Yamagishi, Director

Photos: T Honles

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