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Coffee Gallery Backstage

Here are some photos from the songwriter's showcase

Coffee Gallery Backstage, September 17, 2003
Click Photo for larger image if availa. Photos: T Honles

Gena Mason sang her original music with her own original electric sound.

Veronique Cyphyre invoked a timeless sound and feeling through her music.

Expressing her music gracefully, and beautifully, Marci K was on her way to another gig on the same night, stopped in at the showcase, and still played with elegance.

Dean mixes it up and sings down home stories with a twist. Habla Espanol?

Nancy on upright bass, and Phil on guitar...

The emcee that all amcees should take lessons from: Jimi Yamagishi, LA SongNet director!
(only half kidding!)

(Not all photos from this showcase were available to publish to the web as of publishing date. Additional photos to be posted on the next website update.)

Photos: T Honles

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