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Coffee Gallery Backstage

R&B and Smooth Jazz Showcase

Here are some photos from the showcase

Coffee Gallery Backstage, July 30, 2003
Click Photo for larger image. Photos: T Honles

Lowell Edwards and group play cuts off the new CD, "Feel The Flow II"

Jim Potkey grooved with friends, Tim Ring, Perry "C" Contovasilis, and "Kat" Ring.
Marquise Woods joined him later for a duet (see below)

LaRombé laid down some smooth jams with help from co-artists/friends Kia and Doreese.
Thanks LaRombé, Kia & Doreese for gracing our showcase 'logo' photo this month too. -Ed.)

Kia Hamm with classy style and power, shakes things up in the audience.

Doreese Norman keeps the funky groove going.

Marquise Woods sings a soulful duet with Jim Potkey on keys.

Akbar on saxophone

Photos: T Honles

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