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Coffee Gallery Backstage


Here are some photos from the songwriter's showcase

Coffee Gallery Backstage, July 16, 2003
Click Photo for larger image. Photos: T Honles

Jimi Yamagishi and Victor Gutierrez ham up the intros

Leilani Villamore strums and sings, all over a Palm Springs electro beat.

Dennis Buddemeyer croons the doo-wop sound off his new CD single.

Tom Golden jammed the Oklahoma twang while visiting L.A. this week.

Tom Stauffer mixed things up with a ballad and pop duo of styles.

Hilde Sevens did a couple of solo numbers, away from her gigs with the Red Sevens, showing her talented guitar chops complementing her acrobatic and passionate vocal style.
Thanks Hilde for gracing our showcase 'logo' photo this month too. -Ed.)

The inimitable and unique Rex Poindexter of the Sexy Rexy Crier shared newly penned compositions from his pop / country / ballad repertoire.

Photos: T Honles

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