A while back, Jim Potkey, our showcase director at the time, thought it would be nice to recognize Jimi Yamagishi, our current director, with a little birthday surprise during the March ShowCase. Surprised and maybe a little embarrassed, Jimi realized that the ones who really deserved recognition were those who had given “birth” to their CD projects, and quickly turned the attention away from himself, and together with the board of directors created the SongNet awards night.

On the third week of March, artists who have released a CD during the previous year are recognized in a special showcase event & receive a completion award, because writing, recording, graphics, funding & other hassles required to get a CD released is such a monumental effort, just getting it done is an award worthy achievement. And that makes every release an “Award Winning” CD! One of the most humbling and gratifying things that we have also seen is the dozens of new releases with SongNet in the credits.

Just knowing that our “Lil’ songwriting family” as Jimi calls it, has helped with encouragement or connections to get things done is what keeps SongNet alive.

To be recognized at this event, we need the artist to be present to receive it, because although we do have members all over the world, we are a Southern California based organization. We have had artists adjust their vacation & tour itineraries just to participate because their SongNet affiliation is so important to them. We also make an effort to push CD sales on this night, so physical product also needs to be available, even if it is an online-only release.

If you would like to be recognized, email between November and February, and verify your participation no later than the first week of March.



Performers please read Showcase Guidelines for Q&A,contact info,etc.


Some of our winning artists!

note: photographs of all performers are not always available, and not all showcases are photgraphed- apologies to those we didn't catch this time around - photo submissions welcome, send/contact

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