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HostBaby provides our network webhosting. Contact them for your website and email needs.

Get Connected at the ASCAP EXPO – the only National Conference Dedicated to Songwriting and Composing ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO. Click on banner or go to for more info.

The Independent Music Conference provides indie musicians an annual event filled with information, networking, workshops, and opportunities to promote their work.


TAXI provides us with guest references and all sorts of music-industry related info. Check them out and join to give your songwriting career a solid boost. TAXI has stood alongside SongNet since the beginning.

The Coffee Gallery and The Coffee Gallery Backstage provide us with a quality venue at very reasonable cost. Have a great cup of cofee and something at The Coffee Gallery, then come Backstage and listen to one of our guests from the music industry or enjoy a great showcase of up and coming songwriters.

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Take your music to the next level. Create, connect, and commit. Join MEMBERSPLUS. MembersPlus takes you above basic LA Songnet membership to help you focus your songwriting career. You also become part of the SongNet sustaining membership, as your support keeps our meetings free, our special events low cost, and the network growing. Find out more about LA SongNet membership by clicking here...


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LA SongNet T-Shirts,Mugs,Caps,and cool gear!

Buying apparel and other promotional items from Cafepress does two great things: 1) gets our name and your image connected, starts conversations, promotes you as a songwriter/musician, promotes us as a songwriting organization, and 2) throws a few (only a few) bucks towards us to help keep our activities free or at very very low cost. Our industry guests get one of these mugs or another promo gift when they speak to our group!

Indie Bible

The Indie Venue Bible is an essential publication for working musicians and songwriters. Indie Bible and Indie Bible Venue are one of our earned media partners. SongNet members get a 20% discount... click here!

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