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Nashville Tracks In L.A.

For Songwriters needing a Nashville quality demo but don't have time to fly to Nashville to record it, Our networking services enables you to be involved in the creative input while utilizing top studio musicians tracking simultaneously at our studios in Nashville Tennessee.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Our service provides top quality Nashville demo production at low competitive rates.

Studio Networking Services

For Producers that need an overdub from a well-known Nashville studio musician, or need to produce a full live tracking session, Now you can produce your Nashville project from Los Angeles. Communication is no different than talking through standard talkback mic to the cue mix. With Studio Locations in Nashville and Los Angeles, Our studio-link can provide the protocol to record your session from afar.

Record Production Services

For Bands and artists that wish to make their own CD for presentation to a major record label or to sell themselves, we can handle all the details from start to finish. Our custom record division utilizes the same top-level facilities and  'A list' musicians that play on today's hit records. We specialize in tailoring CD production to each individual artist or band in terms of budget and final focus of the record. We work very closely with our clients to make sure they get the absolute best product for their budget requirements. If you're serious about your musical career we would love to talk with you in depth about the possibilities. We work very closely with each of our clients to make sure they get the absolute best product for their budget requirements.

Artist Development

For Artists who are on the verge of being signed or for singers just starting out, our unique 4-month artist development program includes a 3-song demo, one-on-one studio instruction to develop proper ear training, microphone technique, and vocal coaching throughout the project.  Please contact us for current rates and packages.

9 Music Square South

Nashville TN 37203

Los Angeles- 323-953-2763

Nashville-      615-851-0420



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