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TRAVIS ALLEN represents the new cutting edge of the Nashville scene.

Nashville Tracks In L.A.

For Songwriters needing a Nashville quality demo but don't have time to fly to Nashville to record it, Our networking services enables you to be involved in the creative input while utilizing top studio musicians tracking simultaneously at our studios in Nashville Tennessee.

As the owner of Multimedia Nashville & Nashville Tracks in L.A, Travis does more than just engineer & produce, his company also builds websites & works with new technologies to bring his clients up to speed in the modern mainstream.
A native of Phoenix, AZ., He moved to Nashville to pursue a singer/songwriter career, signed a record deal with Courage / Chrysalis Records, & toured extensively with Grand Ol Opry Stars like Jack Green, Jeannie Sealy, Jeanie C. Riley, Little Jimmie Dickens & Jim Ed Brown.
Coming off the road, he got a position in the A&R department of Asylum Records, & produced 2 sides on Confederate Railroad with Co-writer friend, Buck Moore for a FOX TV Movie.
The gold record on his wall for Diamond Rio’s “One More Day” is evidence he knows what he’s doing , & he’s rapidly building his rep as an up & coming producer/engineer working with both major & indie record companies.
Working in the heart of TWO music centers, Nashville & LA, Travis has a unique perspective on this business & how MUSIC is always before BUSINESS if you’re looking for a lasting career in this industry. He’s heard the best, & as an artist himself he knows what happens when the “label system” doesn’t quite deliver the dream.

Working In A&R, he understands why some artists are commercially successful, while others, sometimes with more talent, don’t quite “make it”.







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