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Tess Taylor

National Association of Record Industry Professionals

Los Angeles Music Network

Wanna real JOB in the music industry? NARIP is the National association of recording industry PROFESSIONALS, which means if you're SERIOUS about the industry, you NEED to know wazzup. As the CEO of this organization, TESS TAYLOR is one of the most connected & respected people in the industry & she will be taking time out of her schedule to explain why you need to know key players in this business, & who they are. And, how YOU can be one. She'll also explain LAMN, & how networking has helped people getworking. Always informative & entertaining, be sure to bring your notepads for this one, 'cuz she often gets a weeks worth of great information crammed into a couple o' hours. And as always, we'll be listening too, so bring your demos! FREE!


TESS TAYLOR : Founder of TWO leading organizations in our industry, NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals) and LAMN (Los Angeles Music Network), Tess has her finger on the pulse of the music scene like none other. She's been quoted as an authority in publilcations such as USA Today, Newsweek, LA Times, & featured on FOX news channel's Hollywood Wrap.

Tess Taylor talks songwriting, marketing, and success...

As a lecturer at Harvard Business School, UCLA, & Berklee College of Music, Tess is an educator that will bring information to share you won't find anywhere else! On top of all that, she's a talented musician & songwriter too!

You got questions? She's got answers. And connections. And direction. AND, as always... she's gonna listen to your stuff, so bring CDs/tapes, lyric sheets.

If you're SERIOUS about your music, this could be another life-changing event!

More info at www.narip.com

Tess Taylor getting a thank you from the August 2, 2006 LA SongNet audience, standing with Tommy Honles, webmaster for www.thesongnet.org



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