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SongNet October 5 2005

Every November, TAXI takes over a hotel for the Road Rally which, in itself is one of the premier events for the songwriting community, but it's a TAXI MEMBER ONLY event! Typically a good festival such as Telluride or Kerrville costs about the same to attend as a TAXI membership, but TAXI offers SO MUCH MORE! As with our previous guest, TAXI connects artists with the media, AND, they also do real A&R, placing songs & performers into deals as well! The TAXI reps will be listening to your stuff & explaining how TAXI may be able to help your careers, provide a lil' insight into what the REALLY do, & give a few tips on what's hot & not…

Of course, if you have any questions like "why the heck do I need TAXI" here's the op to find out. And, they're honest. If you really don't need 'em they will tell ya straight up!

We'll also be listening to YOUR work too, so bring your notepads, demos &
dreams to...


October 5th 7:30PM TAXI!

TAXI @ SongNet
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave Altadena
Just 2 miles N off the 210 freeway
About 20 minutes from the Valley
www.songnet.org for details!

http://www.songnet.org for more information!

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