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The Independent A&R vehicle :

SongNet October 2004

Our October 6th guest is the "independent A&R vehicle"...TAXI... with Michael Lederer!!

Michael Lederer is one of the guys that helped build TAXI from the beginning. An artist himself, he understands the big picture from both sides, and also is one of our greatest friends and allies. Back when Linda founded our lil' songwriting family, Michael was instrumental in getting great guest speakers for us, and we always give TAXI our October spot to promote the Road Rally, an amazing conference that happens in November. Michael usually brings along one of the "screeners" for our meetings, so you'll get TWO great reviews of your work if you bring a CD.

Why isn’t YOUR music on that Mitsubishi commercial? Can’t get Shania to put
your song on her next album? Don’t have David Foster’s cell number? TAXI is
a resource that gets lots of independent music placed every year and often
makes the difference between being an unknown indie and a signed artist! We’ll
have reps answering your questions, discussing the internationally famous
Road Rally and plenty of other stuff!

As you know, living in LA there are plenty of ops to make connections, so
why do you NEED TAXI?


Taxi has PLENTY of new services since last year including DIRECT DELIVERY to music supervisors EVEN FASTER THAN YOU COULD HOPE TO DO PERSONALLY! How?

Come See! FREE!

We'll also be listening to YOUR work too, so bring your notepads, demos &
dreams to...
TAXI @ SongNet
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave Altadena
Just 2 miles N off the 210 freeway
About 20 minutes from the Valley
www.songnet.org for details!

http://www.songnet.org for more information!

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