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SongNet October 1, 2003

Mark Keefner - Waymo Music

FREE! starts at 7:30 PM

Don't have David Foster's cell number? Can't get Britney to put your song on her next album? Why isn't YOUR music on that Mitsubishi commercial? TAXI is a resource that gets lots of independent music placed every year & often makes the difference between being an unknown indie & a signed artist! We'll have reps answering your questions, discussing the internationally famous Road Rally and* THEY want to listen to YOUR music!

Hope you're havin' fun! Michael Lederer, our good friend & special guest for our October 1st meeting is bringing a SPECIAL GUEST: MARK KEEFNER! Mark is one of the owners of Waymo Music.

Mark Keefner has created music and sound design for numerous commercials and television shows as well as writing platinum award winning music and lyrics. He has written, produced, arranged and engineered songs for Tiffany, Crystal Bernard, Jennifer Paige, Nancy Wilson and many more. He is also a screener for TAXI and a mentor for JPFolks, as well as an exceptionally funky drummer, programmer and master loopologist. His rhythmic structures are the very foundation of the Waymo sound, and he constantly pushes the sonic envelope in his quest to create the freshest music. waymomark@waymomusic.com

Bring your notepads, demos & dreams to:

The Coffee Gallery Backstage

2029 N. Lake Ave.


http://www.songnet.org for more information!

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