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Our annual TAXI nite!

This year, we have a very special guest... Read HERE.

TAXI is the Indepedent A&R vehicle, the FIRST and most reputable business of it's kind.

Every year, our October meeting is dedicated to asking TAXI reps the hardquestions, like "Why should I join?", "Is it worth it?", "Why don't I getany action?" and more.

THIS year, we have TAXI MEMBERS who will give youthe good the bad & the ugly. REAL success stories & less than successstories from people you see at our showcases & meetings every month. Why? Because TAXI has THAT kind of cred. No fear. No BS. They are the ONLY company we've EVER seen where the money back guarantee works BOTH ways.

"Any artist can tell us they're not happy & we'll gladly refund theirmembership" said Michael Laskow, president & founder.

But here's where it gets really good: "If we determine an artist just isn't ready for us, WE will also suggest they get their money back & work on their craft for awhile." WOW! That means unlike the many "songsharks" you hear about, TAXI will NOT keep taking your money if they determine you are not ready to use their services!

Not taking easy money. THAT's integrity in this business.

They have repeat business with many of the TOP movers & shakers in the industry, & an excellent percentage of forwards to placements because of this. If you've ever been to the Road Rally, you'll know EXACTLY what we mean.

And, yes, if you're not a TAXI member yet, you'll have a chance to experience it. BUT YOU MUST SIGN IN IN PERSON.

Because our members are serious about their music, we have one of the highest percentages of TAXI members in our lil' songwriting family, so our relationship with them is very good.Our TAXI nights are always popular because of the opportunities & often we have surprise guests who can also directly affect your career dropping thru too. (that's a hint!)

TAXI nite @ SongNet

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