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JULY 5 2007

"More great music has been recorded on TASCAM recording equipment than on any other."

An industry leader for over 3 decades, the folks at TASCAM understand that it's not JUST the gear, it's also about how it's used & how easy it is to understand.

tascamSpringsteen's Nebraska album was famously recorded on a TASCAM 4 track cassette deck while on tour, by the man himself, because it was quick, easy & sounded great. Reps from TASCAM will be discussing how great recording is possible ANYWHERE, can be AFFORDABLE, & you don't need to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to do it yourself.

Just like our recent evening with Daisy Rock, this is NOT an informercial for  specific company. You'll be meeting someone in this industry that can make a difference in your career, & have your work heard by someone who knows what they're talking about!.

Another priceless opportunity to get your music movin' forward, & it's FREE!



The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave

Just 2 miles N off the 210 freeway

About 20 minutes from the Valley!

www.songnet.org for details!


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