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November 17th will feature

Music Supervisor Ryan Vinson of Versus Media

VersusMedia's mission gives clients access to all the tools and resources that major entertainment industry figures have, providing means and connections on a limited budget. For the past three years, VersusMedia has provided one-on-one international promotion solutions, as well as having standout Internet marketing, development, and design services. After being consulted by a few film companies in 2001, VersusMedia began to use this connection to link emerging filmmakers and musicians together believing that both could benefit from this mutual need for exposure. VersusMedia provides filmmakers like film school students, studios sending films to festivals such as Sundance, and individuals making digital short films a direct connection to locate types of music they seek for their projects from a database of interested emerging musicians. The service builds a network base which may lead to future opportunities with larger budgets, rather than instant success and money. Within the last year, this service has helped find music for films in India, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and of course indie films all over the US. Some of the larger projects have been for films slated for Sundance, Cannes, and other international film festivals.

Cover waived for current PLUS members

10.00 submission fee to LAMP

Genre will be posted to our Yahoo group.

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