Rob Case


Wednesday February 4th 7:30 PM Rob Case Returns!

He's returning to SongNet because he knows artists that come are SERIOUS about their work. This is a  SPECIAL opportunity before the PITCH-A-SONG event held by COSMO, The Coalition of SoCal Music Orgs. on Saturday February 7th.

Serious pitch events where multiple industry people are seriously looking to take stuff home & sign songs on the spot cost money Sometimes a LOT of money. There are always plenty of FREE opportunities to pitch & get great information & serious critiques here @ SongNet. Many of you have found great success in the indie world & specialized markets. But what about pitching to the big leagues? Rob runs a small label that does better than many majors New Pants Publishing, has produced 21 albums in the past 13 years and has cracked the 50,000 sales plateau on several occasions. He Develops artists rather than just using them and throwing them away. He'll explain contracts that allow songwriters to keep half the proceeds of their songs rather than robbing them blind ("If it hits big, we'll share in that together") & how to best spend money to get your work in front of the right people.

So, instead of the usual pitch nights we’ve had with Rob in the past, this is an opportunity to get deeper, & really get prepared for the bigger pitch event a few days later…an chance to see whether or not it’s truly worth your valuable time & hard earned dollars to really do a serious pitch, not just this weekend, but at ANY major event!

and though this knowledge is priceless, here. It’s FREE!

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