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My Record Label is about Empowering The Independent Recording Artist.

My Record Label was created for determined independent artists who make their career a high priority and to weed out the less determined hobbyists.

Each artist or band must submit their promo package through our A&R Application Page. Not just anyone can become a My Record Label Artist. My Record Label Artists and Bands receive free services and promotional tools from My Record Label and their affiliates Artist who perform at My Record Label Events receive free video footage with studio mixed audio of their performance, free email campaign software, & earn the most money on their downloads because My Record Label does not participate in the cash flow between artists and their fans! Artists can win a Non- Exclusive record deal!

Yep, promotions winners get to record for free and My Record Label still takes nothing on your downloads! There’s no advance to pay back because it’s a prize! There is absolutely no cost whatsoever to the artist!

Upload your songs for free…promote for free and yes, to sign up is free too!

WHOA! Sounds too good to be true?

There is a lil’ catch, a four-letter word called WORK. Like an all you can eat buffet, it’s all there in front of you, but unless you get up & serve yourself, you’ll starve! Your fan base is what gets you in. Once their A&R staff has approved your material and you have receive an acceptable amount of votes, an artist page is automatically generated for you on My Record Label!

Travis Allen & a few successful artists will be coming to explain how it works, how THEY did it, & how YOU can do it, and listening to your work to see if you have what it takes too!


Home Page