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Moses is THE MAN that exposes the scams!

With 5 platinum albums and years of experience producing music for Warner, and BMG, Moses was startled to meet so many platinum & Grammy-winning artists FLAT BROKE, because of bad dealings with record labels. He realized that signing a major label deal could be the kiss of death if it was signed without knowing what all that legal stuff means. Starting out to expose the conspiracies and hidden agendas of the "major label mafia", he soon discovered that it really wasn't ALL the fault of those in power, but rather a HUGE lack of understanding from all concerned.

From his experience as a consultant, Moses has plenty of great new stories to share, tons of fresh information you need to know, all delivered to you in his unique and entertaining style...always something new, no matter how often you check out his seminars and sites!

His latest book, MILLION DOLLAR MISTAKES Interviews people who've worked with top artists, like Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, The Beatles, Madonna and many, many more.Invaluable information for both new people entering the business and veterans.

Just updated, "Confessions of a Record Producer" educates, and illuminates through the use of real contracts and stories.

Moses turns the boring legal mumbo-jumbo into riveting illustrations that you WILL remember when your turn comes to cut a deal. Moses' seminars are ALWAYS a lotta fun, and you actually might learn something that'll save your assets!




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