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Max Vasquez


Sept 5th, 7:30 PM

When the Legendary Doc Severinsen looked over Max's first orchestral jazz arrangement it astounded him that Max was only sixteen when he wrote it!

Max went on to play and study with Gary Foster, Clare Fischer, Alan Broadbent, Bobby Bradford, Freddie Hubbard, & the Count Basie Orchestra. Max and his colleagues were among the first pioneers in MIDI and Electronic music. He partnered with Treavor Walton, and formed Euterpe, joined Bassland and formed lasting relationships with Q (Uberzone) and many other Electronica artists and DJs.

As a "Rave" performer and promoter he played to tens of thousands at a time at huge Dance events such as Narnia , We Are One, Burning Man and was involved with the Moontribe collective, famous for producing full moon desert raves in the Mojave Desert.

Networking & interning led to his working on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", “The Abyss”, and “Back To The Future Pt 3” & sessions including Will Smith, Sly&Robbie, Joe Pass, Ray Brown, and Jon Hassell's Grammy nominated "Cityscapes".

He formed Maxx Vaxx Music Publishing (BMI) in 1996, a publishing company dedicated to serving the needs of writers and providing the Film/ TV/ and New Media industries with high quality music at a fast pace through online licensing services. Maxx Vaxx Music is currently in talks with several writers from Asia and Latin America and the UK in order to provide a fully international product, & represents composers securing license quotes, rights administration, and placing songs on TV, films, & media on a regular basis.

As a distributor, Max helped gain exposure for record labels representing The Crystal Method, Electric Skychurch, Uberzone, and Rabbit On The Moon.

Currently producing new projects for Jimmy Street and Jeff Stetson, Max has begun to resurface as a live player & has performed with Oingo Boingo members John Avila and Johnny Vatos, Mel E Mel, Grand Master Flash, Stix Hooper and Joe Sample. With a background like his, he’ll have plenty of stories to share, inside information on how YOU can get connected, & the importance of not giving up when everything goes up in flames right before your eyes.




The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave
Altadena, CA.
Just 2 miles n of the 210
www.songnet.org for details


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