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MANDI MARTIN began her professional music career as senior at Montebello (CA) High School, where she wrote, produced, sang and sold the record "Picture of Love"/"Then You'll Know I Care" to American Records. While still a student, she graduated to singing background with industry giants Sam Cooke and Ricky Nelson.

Mandi Martin
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Before the decade was over, she'd managed Tangerine Music Publishing for Ray Charles (who taught her how to engineer and honed her production skills) and, as an artist,

had signed recording contracts with Candix, Columbia, RCA, and Epic.In 1971, MARTIN landed on the country charts with her self-penned/self-produced "Nice Girl" on Prince Records. By this point in her musical career, the songstress' tunes had been published by some of the biggest names in Nashville and L.A.: Pat Boone's Cooga Mooga Music, Al Gallico, April-Blackwood, Almo/Irving, and Criterion. While under contract as the first signed staff songwriter for ABC Music (MCA) in Nashville, she relocated to Los Angeles in 1973, and began producing country, folk and R&B artists, including veteran Len Chandler, newcomer Oleta Adams, and award winning country musician Archie Francis.

Her 23-year association with the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase saw her co-produce (with Showcase co-founders John Braheny and Len Chandler) 22 annual Songwriter Expos, the flagship event of the internationally reknowned organization. She worked as the associate editor of LASS' monthly Songwriters Musepaper trade publication, and was elected and served for 10 years on the Board of Governors of the Los Angeles Chapter of The Recording Academy, which annually bestows the prestigious GRAMMY® Awards. She has also served on the Board of Directors and been past president of LAWIM (Los Angeles Women in Music).

Currently Mandi is co-producing (with Peter Barker) and managing the very talented Amy Kuney.

Oh, and she just happens to be the reigning Guinness World Record holder at pinball endurance (555 hours, 55 minutes, 55 seconds).

Mandi is one of those living legends that you come to L.A. to meet, yet she's such a wonderful NORMAL person, you'd never know it, & she's seen lots of changes in this industry. Mandi will be sharing some wisdom, answering questions, & explaining how she's currently developing Amy Kuney's career. This is PRICELESS information if you're looking for a career in this industry, & it's FREE!

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