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Making a Living In Music

This is a special panel, unique to SongNet, about the REALITY of making a living in music.

3 members who are MAKING A LIVING DOING NOTHING BUT MUSIC WILL BE SHARING WHAT THEY DO & HOW THEY DO IT. Proof it IS possible, & can be for YOU too!

Karie Hillery
KARIE HILLERY Karie Hillery returns as one of our most popular panelists. Internationally renowned with 7 released CDs, she is one of the most prolific writers around, & tours both in the US and overseas. Her uplifting messages of hope have found her a wide & supportive audience around the world.

LES JULY . Les July is a recording artist / producer who sings, writes and plays several instruments, described in the press as "Seal meets Sting in Strawberry Fields", he has worked with top artists from Slash to k.d. Lang to Dr.Dre to Herbie Hancock. A recent endorsement from Kate Bush, music visionary icon, has brought Les worldwide attention. When he's not in the studio, Les gives of his time by volunteering @ Cedar-Sinai Medical Center as a Music For Healing therapist


JODY WHITESIDES . Jody Whitesides is an accomplished songwriter and stage performer, Jody moved to Hollywood was quickly spotted by a talent scout who arranged a conversation with legendary hit record producer, promoter and star maker Maurice Starr. Jody’s technical prowess & marketing abilities have helped him maintain strong connections with icons like Derek Sivers, & provided opportunities to keep moving forward & keep pace with the constant changes we’ve all experiencing in this industry.


All three will be answering your questions from a real-world perspective, & reviewing YOUR recorded work too. One of our most practical nights, one that can get YOU connected with REAL people to actually start MAKING A LIVING IN MUSIC yourself! FREE!


The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave

Just 2 miles N off the 210 freeway

www.TheSongNet.org for details!


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