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Making a Living In Music

This is a special panel, unique to SongNet, about the REALITY of making a living in music.

3 of our members, from widely varying directions, are making a living doing ONLY MUSIC. It ain't easy, but it IS possible, & can be very rewarding.

Karie Hillery
KARIE HILLERY is an internationally recognized touring artist. Not a ROCKSTAR, but a true touring musician, with PAID gigs all over the world, & an international following that embraces her music & purchases her CDs. Find out how she got started, & how she's been able to maintain her career.
Neil Rutman
NEIL RUTMAN owns a studio, produces, records, & gets music into film & TV. He doesn't have to pitch thru the regular channels, he figured out how to do it himself, & now works with other artists as well, just as some of our guests with music libraries do. Find out how you can get working with guys like him, & gain a lil' insight about what REALLY works in this industry.
DEAN STRICKLAND continues to get great press coverage as he hitchhikes his way around Texas, becoming a traveling troubador in the truest sense. Dean has grown tremendously since leaving L.A., & reinvented himself as a respected artist. While his minimalist lifestyle may not be for everybody, it is a true alternative, and for artists with a sense of adventure, can be a way to see the world from the back of your guitar.


This is more than a reality show, this is some of what you will ALL face when pursuing the life of an artist.

Mix & match, the possibilities are endless, the knowledge is priceless, & here, it's FREE!


The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave

Just 2 miles N off the 210 freeway

www.songnet.org for details!


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