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Lynne Robin Green
LWBH Publishing

Lynne Robin Green, President Of Lansdowne/Winston/Bloor/Hoffman House (LWBH) Music Publishers, established in 1958, represents a catalog of over 1250 songs featured in TV/Film and on records by countless known artists from the 1950s through today (2005), and includes co-publishing multiplatinum songs "Black Water" and 21 others by The Doobie Brothers.

Ms. Green also administrates 30 Recording Artist/Composer Publishing firms worldwide, such as the catalogs of John Mc Euen, Vicki Randle, John Handy , Butch Norton , Gustavo Farias, and more. Together, these companies have had songs featured in "All About The Benjamins"," Hairspray", "Alias", "Six Feet Under", "Ken Burns Baseball", "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, "Saturday Night Live", "CMT 20 Greatest Country Stars" , "The Andy Griffith Show", and in over 750 other TV shows and Feature Films to date.

Introduction for Lynne Robin Green by Jimi Yamagishi, SongNet.org Director:

Lynne Robin Green is one of the most respected people in this industry.

As the president of LWBH publishing, an author, a songwriter and songwriter's advocate, she's one of the busiest and& most successful people in music, so although we usually wouldn't have back-to back publishers a month apart, we had to work with HER schedule for this one.

Yup, it's THAT important that you be here, especially if you missed last month's guest, or realized after you talked with Rob, you needed to work on getting your.stuff.together and are ready NOW. More than just another publisher connection, Lynne is here in the heart of LA and understands the system better thananyone.

If you're serious about your music, make this the year you finally break through and make it happen. SongNet is providing the tools, if you're willing to use 'em!


Lynne Robin Green @ SongNet
March 2nd 7:30 PM @ The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave
Altadena, CA.

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