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January 6th, 2010 it's LaFaMos!

LaFaMos is a full service PR and branding firm that deals exclusively with independent artists.

LaFamos does everything from generating CD reviews, features and interviews (both print and online) from their marketing and publicity department, to customizing Myspace pages, designing logos, artwork and press kits through their technology and design team. They also handle college and independent radio, and provide many Media & marketing strategies.

Their unique grant program works like this: If they like your music, it will be submitted for a grant. The whole LaFaMos office then votes on your music at the grant meetings. Based on the number of votes, you may receive anywhere from 10%-50% off of the monthly retainer for marketing/publicity and technology/design services.

LaFamos is a marketing, publicity and design firm with offices in Hollywood and Davis, California. LaFamos specializes solely in independent artists, allowing them to stay focused on what they do best – music! We take care of everything - from the artist's website to getting radio airplay... from booking photo-shoots to providing connections for artists that are looking to collaborate with other musicians. It's all under one roof, with one phone number, and absolutely no operators to go through. You'll always be answered by the most talented and kindest people we can find, guaranteeing you to feel right at home. Our Grant Program At LaFamos, we believe too many bands are being promoted based on what they can pay marketers instead of the quality of their music. That's why we've created the GRANTS! program. Each month we vote on the best new music submitted to us and distribute it to those artists to help them cover their marketing, publicity & design costs. We swear we're not socialists, we're just GIVING BACK. Use the contact form to submit for a grant. After all, you're the star. We're just here to help!

In other words, they are willing to invest in your career if they think you have a shot instead of just taking your money all day.

Sounds cool? Want to know more?

Come ask the right questions & get REAL answers whether you choose to work with them or not!

Priceless information, FREE!

And... Anyone attending this event will be invited to a FREE career evaluation & consultation at LaFamos’ Hollywood office.

Www.Lafamos.com [La-Fa-Mos: (verb) To become famous; to become a known individual ]





















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