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Kenny Kerner - July 6th

As a multi-platinum producer for KISS, Stories, Gladys Knight, Badfinger, Jose Feliciano, Kenny Kerner has the RIGHT name-drop all day long.


Kenny Kerner will be offering a one-time special deal on his books to those attending the July 6, 2005 SongNet meeting. This is an opportunity to get his books that normally are sold for $17.95 at a discounted price.

At a special low price of $12, you save $5.95... that's a savings of over 30% off the regular $17.95 price!

Kenny will personally autograph all copies of his books purchased at the SongNet meeting! Only a limited number of copies are available at this price. Don't get left out!


But he won't. Currently, he's the Director of the Music Business Program @ the prestigious Musician's Institute. Kenny knows what it takes. His bio reads like a history of the music industry, producing hits for the major artists above, co-writing hits like "Playin' with Fire", editor of major industry magaines like Cashbox, Rock Scene & Music connection, Celebrity journalist interviewing John Lennon, Clive Davis, Stevie Wonder & countless others, PR for Jay Leno, Paramount TV & many more, and, RAN THE SECOND HIGHEST GROSSING TOUR OF IT'S TIME.

He's the author of "Going Pro" published by Hal Leonard. He's credited with discovering KISS, signing 'em to Casablanca, & helping make them a legendary phenomenon. He will be explaining what to look for in management, what it takes to BE a manager how NOT to get ripped off & how to make sure your career is run like a BUSINESS. Because, to be successful, that's what it has to BE. Kenny is all about the music business. & he's not afraid to get IN YOUR FACE.

Yup, this is NOT a business for wimps, & Kenny will let you know that in no uncertain terms.

Entertaining, controversial & enlightening, if you truly have the goods, if you've played all 126 venues in LA & STILL aren't making a living with your music, you DO NOT WANT TO MISS this one.

This kind of information usually will cost ya a week's worth of groceries. But this time, it's FREE!

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