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Jon Flanagan


While working for ten years in nearly every aspect of the music industry for such labels as Capitol, EMI, A&M and Morgan Creek, Jon Flanagan developed a unique sensitivity for the needs of young, developing artists.

“95% of cds we receive for promotion have MARKETING ERRORS which we wish we had the chance to change before the cd was pressed up.” Says Jon. “Artists & Producers become too close to their projects & therefore lose the objectivity needed to properly critique their cd release.”

He started RADIO & RETAIL PROMOTIONS in 1994 after having worked at several major labels where he saw talented artists get left behind in the rush for quick hits.


RADIOHEAD, BH SURFERS & DURAN DURAN were promoted by Jon Flanagan while working in the famous Hollywood Capitol Tower.

" We give bands individual attention promoting them regionally or nationally to build their fan base for CD & Concert Sales Increases &/or to be picked up by a distributor or label and customize each campaign based on an artist's individual needs. What I have formed is a home for developing artists who need the sort of attention my staff can give them."

RADIOHEAD, BH SURFERS & DURAN DURAN are just a few of the artists promoted by Jon while working for Capitol Records.

And, he’ll be listening to YOUR stuff, giving you the kind of information you REALLY need to hear,






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