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Joanne Ledesma

Joanne Ledesma, founder of Ledesma Music, is a master at networking and an artist's best allies in the music industry.  She is recognized for her strong ability to connect the dots in the diverse world of music entertainment.    

Joanne is responsible for the cool stuff you hear on airlines like United Airlines, Air Force 1 & 2, Amtrak, America West Airlines and others. She creates playlists and selects artwork for magazines and entertainment guides
and ear proofs music for production in all genres. Coordinates, recruits, and schedules voice-overs, scriptwriters and programmers. Meets program and material deadlines of clients and associated partners. Creates & Produces audio program channels including conducting interviews, scriptwriting, and editing.


As an A&R person for Bee-Sharp Records/ 5 Alarm Music / Rescue Records she also presents Songs, Artists, Composers and Studio Musicians to clients for placement in a multiple of genres, including, Film, Cable, Network TV and Corporate Placement, and networks with commercial record labels for new artists development.









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