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I was talking with Joanne Ledesma the other day, & she said:

“I really appreciate SongNet, because

Joanne with Jimi Yamagishi at SongNet
Joanne with SongNet member Phil Dutra

your members have taken the time to educate themselves on what makes a song great, & I can often use their work immediately!” WOW!

It’s true. I go to lots of conferences & events & members of the various orgs around town are consistently the ones picked up for further consideration & placement. And EVERY guest speaker has been amazed at the high level of craftsmanship SongNet members have in their songs & demos, often taking home stuff they didn’t expect to hear when they came.

Always one of our most popular events, PitchNites are chance to get your work heard & possibly placed with someone who can make a difference. Joanne’s placed composers and producers with key writing positions that paid 5 digits & up, & has signed numerous artists in to film & TV music agreements which can be heard on South Park, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, WB network, Tri-Star Pictures and more. As if that’s not enough, she has placed lots of artists with studio work, production, engineering, and publicity work.

If you have a master quality recording, there’s a good chance you can get something goin’ on IMMEDIATELY.

If you're looking to polish your music, market your talents, sell your songs, create a demo, plan an event or educate yourself on the music industry, then you've come to the right place!


Bring demos,  finished CDs & lyric sheet if you have ‘em. Because of the high volume of submissions for this event, SongNet PLUS members will have first priority for listening, but we’ll try to accommodate everyone that brings a CD. Sorry, no live performances for this one.


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