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Wednesday May 5th 7:30 PM Dude McLean!

Dude Mclean is the founder of Songconsultant.com, & author of "The Songwriter's Survival Guide to Success”, a condensed version of what he has taught & experienced over 35+ years in the music industry. As the Professional Manager of Dawnbreaker Music, an artist-owned music publishing company, Director of Creative Services, MCA Music Publishing, west coast division, Senior Vice President of Copyright Management Inc. (CMI), Co-founder/co-owner Aire L.A. Studios, & Co-Founder of Rage Entertainment, a record, production and management company, Dude’s unique experience & perspective has allowed him to work with ZZ Top, Glen Ballard, Emmy Lou Harris, Loretta Lynn, Lionel Ritchie, Ray Charles Columbia/Tristar & dozens of other respected artists & companies. Most artists & songwriters learn their craft from the school of hard knocks, a school filled with misinformation, lies, half-truths, and myths, Some of these myths have been around for over 50 years. Lacking the skills and knowledge on how to handle a career is a wreck waiting to happen, and can cost writers thousands of dollars in major mistakes and assumptions, sometimes derailing promising careers for artists, producers, publishers and managers as well. Dude’s broad range of expertise & experience has helped educate many around these pitfalls & built songconsultant.com into one of the most sought-after resources of it’s kind by serious professionals & up & coming artists alike. & tonight, this priceless information is FREE!

www.songconsultant.com for more information

All events are @

The Coffee Gallery Backstage

2029 N. Lake Ave Altadena, CA

2 miles N off the 210 freeway!


Wannaplay? showcase@songnet.info

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