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One of the most popular & sought-after speakers on the circuit, Bobby Borg wrote "The Musician's Handbook" (now available revised for 2009!) to be easy to read, entertaining AND educational. Used as a textbook for music business classes all over the country, it's filled with useful information from REAL WORLD examples & situations.

Bobby himself is a seasoned touring musician, having toured with Warrant, Beggars & Thieves, & others. He's also a Berklee College of Music Grad, so he also knows what the schools will tell you.& how to avoid making some of the mistakes common to someone just getting' started might get into.

He will either motivate you to push forward or scare you enough to go back to sellin' shoes. Either way, if you've seen him before you'll know, you WILL have a better understanding of your music career after an evening with BOBBY BORG.


Bobby on YouTube, 2007, courtesy of TAXI.COM


The Musician's Handbook Revised 2008 (Preface)

Welcome back! For several years, The Musician’s Handbook has benefited songwriters, bands, producers, bookers, managers, start-up record labels, and countless others who are interested in a successful career in the new music industry. The book is used at top educational institutions around the country, discussed at major conventions and songwriter’s camps, and reviewed in international publications online and in print. And now, the benefits of The Musician’s Handbook live on!

What’s new? With thirteen revised and updated chapters covering nearly every aspect of the music industry, including publishing, live performing and touring, merchandising, recording royalties and advances, managers, producers, agents, attorneys, solo artists, band memberships, contract employees, independent contractors, and more, I feel like this is practically a new book! New updates and features include the following:

• New royalty rates and structures for the digital age

• New How To tips for both the independent and do-it-yourself musician

• Hundreds of new strategies for pursuing and succeeding in today’s music business

• New stories paralleling current events and industry happenings

• New interviews with top industry professionals discussing new business models and 

   future forecasts

• Hundreds of new industry contacts, addresses, and URLs

• Secret passwords to additional information, updates, and special perks  at my website: 


What makes this book unique? The Musician’s Handbook is the layman’s guide to the music industry. It’s written by me, a professional musician, for musicians, providing invaluable tips that only someone who has been in the trenches himself (from rehearsal rooms to recording studios, from tour buses to concert stages) could reveal to those looking to pursue a career in the music business. Furthermore, numerous music industry professionals offer invaluable wisdom, real-life anecdotes, and one-on-one interviews, which give The Musician’s Handbook a broad perspective and universal appeal. Serving as a music business consultant and educator at top institutions for several years, I focus on topics that musicians want and need to know. However, this book is not only for musicians; fledgling attorneys, personal managers, producers, and many others in the music business can gain an invaluable perspective on this fascinating industry. The Musician’s Handbook is a solid, concise, entertaining, and easy-to-read introduction to the business of music.

How to use this book. Although the best way to fully appreciate this book is to read it from front to back so that you don’t miss a single beat, The Musician’s Handbook is also designed so that each chapter can be understood and followed on its own, allowing you to refer to individual chapters as they relate to your personal career. Therefore, you can get exactly what you want, when you need it. And for those of you who are really on the fast track, The Musician’s Handbook is full of boxed anecdotes and sidebars that relate to important aspects of the text, making it easy to flip through and read interesting stories and facts. Every attempt has been made to keep the information as current as possible, but since the music business is fast and ever changing—especially in the face of emerging technologies and the Internet—I encourage readers to keep up with the weekly trade magazines, websites, and my webpage.

The Musician’s Handbook will provide you with a strong foundation in the music business, but every business situation you encounter will be unique. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you always consider the advice of an appropriate business professional. Keep in mind that the music business is not always easy to understand, and that it will require some patience and work to do so. But remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The information presented here is only as good as your desire to comprehend and use it. With talent, preparation, and a lot of luck, you can have an extremely rewarding career—creatively and financially—in music. I hope this book will be a valuable tool that helps you achieve your professional goals. Now, let’s get to it!


Bobby Borg Music Biz Consultant, Author, Musician Billboard Books: The Musician's Handbook Revised 2008 www.bobbyborg.com


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