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Founder of the World Famous Comedy Club, The IceHouse
Owner of the Coffee Gallery Backstage

Bob's Advice "Rant" Part #1

Bob's Advice "Rant" Part #2

Bob Wants Clarity, Out with the Old, In with the New

--- Bob Stane ---

Our January 9th meeting featured the legendary Bob Stane.
As the founder of the world-famous Ice House in Pasadena, Bob is responsible for the discovery of many famous artists.
Anyone famous during the last couple of decades is familiar with Bob & knows he knows what YOU should know, you know?

He is the current owner of the Coffee Gallery Backstage

Some of you have seen (or been to) his seminars @ UCLA or USC.
Bob discussed what it takes to be successful in this business of music.
How to get good (paying!) bookings
How to get noticed
How to find the right people that will boost your career to the next level.

Bob Stane's Coffee Gallery Backstage

The Coffee Gallery
2029 N. Lake Avenue
About 2 miles N. of the 210 FWY

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