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Bernard Baur

BERNARD BAUR is an artist crusader and award-winning journalist. For many artists he has been the connection between the streets and the suites. He's credited with over 1200 published articles in national and local publications, as well as general entertainment websites. He is currently the Review Editor, A&R Reporter and Features Writer for Music Connection Magazine. He also produces Music Connection's Best Kept Secrets, a monthly showcase series that connects artists with industry.

With over twenty years in entertainment and music, Bernard has worked with superstars and emerging artists as a director of marketing and promotions, director of business affairs, PR consultant, and A&R executive. As an independent consultant and partner in BGO Entertainment Network, he works with record labels, entertainment firms and Minarik Guitars.

Bernard is also teaching at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood CA, and is an online instructor for the Music Industry Institute. He has appeared in half a dozen documentaries, and several VH-1 and MTV specials. He is a frequent participant in Music Conferences and Workshops across the United States.


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