Ben McLane

How often have you heard “Get it in writing”, followed by “GET AN ATTORNEY”? if the wrong things are written, getting it in writing isn’t enough! Ben McLane is one of the most active attorneys in the music industry. You’ll find his name in almost every issue of Music Connection magazine, helping to get someone a deal. His website has some of the best free FAQ resources around. He gets it, & gets it done. As the former head of business affairs/CFO for JWP-USA/BMG Records, working legal and business affairs at Rhino Records, Priority Records and as a talent scout for Sire Records, Ben is one of the few attorneys who know both sides of the table well. With Attorney of the Year & more gold & platinum record awards than any wall can handle, his cred list reads like a Billboard top 40 chart.


If you 've been to a Music Conference, or have been to more than a few SongNet events, you know how important a good attorney is. A real ENTERTAINMENT attorney.

BEN McLANE, is the rep for Gilby Clarke, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Marty Balin, Ralph Tresvant, P.O.D., LL cool J, Brian Austin Green (yeah, he produces bands too) and many more. He's got gold and platinum records on the walls for everyone from the Dixie Chicks to the soundtrack for "Above The Rim". The LA Music awards attorney of the year. Worked with Rhino, Priority and BMG.

His site:, is an amazing resource unto itself and a great place to start your professional journey into the industry, where his posted articles provide more information than some PRICEY seminars we've been to! Or MySpace him at

Yup. Anyone that can afford to give this much away is someone you NEED on YOUR side! He's coming to share his knowledge, answer your questions and listen to your stuff…FREE!

We suggest reading the articles on his site prior to coming so you don't ask redundant questions, okay? Then, you'll have some serious specific questions to bring. The kind that usually cost money.

Bring your demos and lyric sheets too. If he likes what he hears, you might be next on that client list!

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave
Just 2 miles N of the 210 fwy
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BEN McLANE - profile

Education: Law Degree from Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, CA. Undergraduate degree BS from Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.

Experience: Worked in legal and business affairs at Rhino Records and Priority Records and head of business affairs/CFO for JWP-USA/BMG Records.

Worked at major management company Tim Neece Management where we represented Bruce Hornsby, the Posies, Rickie Lee Jones, Charlie Sexton, the Origin, Leon Russell, Grapes of Wrath, etc.

License: To practice before all courts in the State of California and the US District Courts.

Publications: Over 60 published articles on the music business, including, Audities, Amplifier, Rock City News, Music Scene, Discoveries, Night Moves, Factor X, Synth Music Network, Shred, Diamond Hard, Los Angeles Lawyer, MIDEM 2001, Billboard Encyclopedia of Record Producers, Audities Pop Encyclopedia,,,,

Awards: 1995 Los Angeles Music Awards "Attorney of the Year"; Gold and Platinum records for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy; Platinum record award for Dixie Chicks; Gold record award for Tracy Byrd; Platinum record award for soundtrack to "Above the Rim"; Gold record award for Sparkle; Gold record award for 311; Gold record award for Guns n' Roses; Platinum record award for Afroman; Gold record award for the soundtrack to "Swingers".

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave
Altadena, CA.

2 miles North of the 210 fwy off @ Lake for more info