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Tom Stauffer

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Tom Stauffer

Tom has lived as a penniless musician sleeping in the bandís truck; a north woods dweller; a religious history student; a psychedelics tester; a Florida sun seeker; a bicoastal commuter; a business executive; and from a tender age, a singer, performer, and songwriter. Tom lives near Los Angeles.

Featured Music:

Pretty Is As Pretty Does
Flickering Flame
It's An Illusion
Friend for Life

"With his balance of great instrumental & vocal talent, he's truly one of those ' you gotta hear him to understand ' kind of performers." - Jimi Yamagishi, SongNet LosAngeles

Performs Live : Yes

Band : Yes and solo.

Looking for others to collaborate with: Yes / No

CDs Available: Yes
Choices (5 song EP) - available March 2004

Instruments Played: Guitar, Piano, Vocals


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