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What does the MembersPlus Program offer?


Q. What is a basic membership, and what is membership "plus"?

Basic membership in SongNet is free, and will always continue to be so. All you need to do is sign up via the Internet on our egroup, or attend a meeting. Basic membership keeps you informed, provides opportunity to showcase, and provides access to top-notch industry guest speakers at our meetings. Basic membership... Simple.

However, many members need more than simple. So we’ve developed another level. MembersPlus. Still simple, but with a cost effective array of additional benefits.

Q. Who can be in MembersPlus?

Anyone can step up. About the cost of a dinner at a good restaurant, and it lasts the whole year.

Q. What does MembersPlus provide?

You get an I.D. card, which opens the door to discounted rates at affiliated events around town. Many professional level events have admission fees. They’re often posted on our egroup. Most of these groups are open to giving our members discounts, but the hosting organizations need to know who’s-who. Now they’ll know. Some of these discounts will be so deep, the savings alone will cover the cost of MembersPlus immediately. Good deal. And there's more.

What you get will be a constantly expanding list of services, again, using your membership ID. Some well-known industry people will be providing one-on-one consultation for free, for everything from songwriting help to financing your projects. Guitar setups & clinics too. We’ll be partnering with more & more vendors for added discounts on the stuff you need most. Some manufacturers want to give us limited amounts of free stuff, samples & such. With a virtual member base in the tens of thousands (yup!) we can’t give that to everyone, but with MembersPlus, such things will be available at least once a year. Good stuff. Not just swag.

On top of all that, you get more exposure with a SongNet page on the Songnet website.

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Q. Why is a www.songnet.org webpage a good idea?

Your own web page at www.songnet.org is not just a good idea. It's a great idea.

See A Sample Members+ Webpage!

If you’ve been around, you know that the more you’re seen, the more others want to know about you. You also know how frustrating it is to want to find out basic information about someone you’ve seen or met thru SongNet, only to find a bad URL, or go to a website that takes HOURS to loadup, or get booted from Mp3.

Your SongNet web page is a quick and easy place for people to find you, get "one-sheet" type of PR, and grab further links to your "real" website too. As things change with MP3.com, JavaMusic.com, and countless other online music distributors, you won't have to worry about the changing URLs. Just give your www.songnet.org webpage, and your contacts get it all.

You’ll have a picture and basic information there to expedite anyone’s search. Simple. And, of course, anyone looking for your SongNet page will know you’re not messin’ around. You are a legitimate artist, affiliated with a legitimate organization, and you’ve invested time and (a little) money to further your career.

Q. SO, What’s it cost?

$25 a year. Less if you’re a card carrying member of another affiliated songwriter’s organization.

So, for about what you’d spend for a tankful of gas, you’ll be getting real services, discounts, and have access to special events and seminars, immediately.

Some places charge more than that just to put a text-only ad on their site for a MONTH.

Q. Where does the money go?

Cyberspace costs money. So do printed materials like the postcards many of you already have been passing around, or the banner we display at large events around town.

Some promotions with other organizations cost us too. Booth space at some events. Bookeeping.

There are some things we just can’t negotiate down to "free", but you know we aren’t getting rich off your membership either. We're out there logging hundreds of hours and miles out of our own pockets to bring you the best possible stuff without busting your wallets.

Obviously, $25 isn’t gonna cover some things, like studio and pressing for our compilations, so those will be covered by the participants in those projects (at cost, of course) But if you’re willing to invest a bit in your music, it comes right back.

We’re here for YOU.

We’re always available to talk to at any of our events. We’ve personally helped some of you get good deals on great instruments, hooked you up with studios & services beyond what you’ve gotten at our meetings. Written reviews on your work for local magazines.

Q. That's great, but I don't live in L.A. What about for non-local Members Plus?

Okay, you live on Tattooine. Or Sydney, mate.

Although it’s difficult for you to come to the meetings, you’ll still have the cyber-advantages, your webpage and discounts for some stuff. We’ll still send you a card with a member ID. You’ll be able to use our critique and review services online and through snailmail.

Our affiliation with other orgs all over the world may help you get discounted services & event admission wherever your next tour takes you.

And more!

SongNet will continue to grow as long as we keep invested in each other, as people, friends and songwriters. Our basic membership will always be free and easy, and many have come a long way just from that alone. As we grow, so will the services we can provide at any level, for YOU, the Songwriter.

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