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We want to thank you for helping to make L.A. SONGNET the place where music industry connects with artists, musicians, composers, and songwriters such as yourself.

Sometime ago you became a SongNet Members Plus member. That membership level enabled us to get your name and a webpage with bio, music, and weblink info up on our own website, adding visibility and web traffic to your music on the Internet. Unfortunately, that membership expired awhile ago, and we haven't heard from you to renew your Members Plus subscription.

Don't panic. We haven't done anything yet. You still can renew and keep your Members Plus membership alive and well, including your individual web page.

If we still have your current info, just click here and you'll go to the PayPal subscription renewal page.

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If the info on your webpage is no longer current, or incomplete, then click on this link and enter your current information. Hey, change is good, right?

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The Pitch... (if you're still reading... Thank you!)

What's happening at SONGNET and MEMBERS PLUS?

Are you a writer, performer, singer, or an industry pro looking for fresh ideas?

What does SongNet MembersPlus get you?

First, SongNet MembersPlus supports the L.A. Songwriter's Network and the events that we coordinate to support the songwriting community. You're helping us host music industry guest speakers such as producers, arrangers, engineers, and successful songwriters at our monthly meetings. You're also be helping us keep networking with other songwriting organizations through our website and area events.

Wwe thank you for partnering in the LA Songnet vision.

In addition to supporting SongNet, what does SongNet MembersPlus give you? You get:

How much does SongNet MembersPlus cost? It's still just $25 a year.

Twenty-five bucks. That's about two bucks a month.

For less than a dime a day, you're helping us and your fellow songwriters support local music, original songwriting, and you get a web page, a membership card, and some perks at the local music events.

Q: What if I don't do PayPal?

If you don't want to renew over the Internet, you can join at one of our meetings. Remember, our meetings are cover FREE. Stop in, and see Jimi or Tommy.

If you have a CD or a diskette with your photo, bio,and other info, we'll need that for the webpage content, otherwise you can e-mail the info in to our webmaster at your convenience.

Thanks for reading this, and thank you for renewing your membership in SongNet MembersPlus !