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Marina V

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my new album, Modern Fairytale, is officially released!!! I'm so incredibly excited!!! I am very, very proud of this CD, and I want the world to hear it!!!
You can go to iTunes and buy it today. Only $7.99 on iTunes US (international prices - I don't know, since I can't access iTunes UK etc.. let me know when you check it out, ok?).
It would be really great if you could leave a nice review of "Modern Fairytale" on iTunes. Thank you SO MUCH!!! You can help inspire new fans!!!!

  Cover Art   Modern Fairytale
Marina V


Release Date: Jan 15, 2008
Genre: Pop
℗ 2008 Audio Bee
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"Modern Fairytale" is also available on (digitally) and in traditional CD format and everywhere else!



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