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Lea Marie
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Teen singer songwriter Lea Marie burst onto the L.A. music scene after being rated the “#1 Pop Demo of 2007” in Music Connection magazine with "World of Wonders", "Memories" and "Your Brother's Girl".  Music Connection wrote, "Hard to imagine a package that's tighter than this one! In every way, sixteen-year-old Lea Marie's music and visual presentation are commercially viable." She is also featured in the magazine’s prestigious “23rd Annual Directory of Artists and Bands for 2008!"

"Lea Marie's got it all - the voice, the songs, and the look," states Jason Blume, an industry veteran and songwriter for artists such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys. "I've worked with countless songwriters and have rarely found any who show as much talent and promise..."

"Lea Marie's talent and work ethic put her at the top of my list of teen singer/songwriters most likely to succeed," states John Braheny, author of "The Craft and Business of Songwriting." She has composed over 100 original songs on piano and guitar.  Her music has developed into a dynamic combination of “infectious pop tunes, catchy hooks and beats for edgy ear candy with powerful storytelling lyrics.”

This amazing teen started her songwriting career at the age of nine-years-old composing on the piano and the guitar.  This debut record is a collection of some of her favorite compositions.  “The caliber of this album is unbelievable as all lyrics and melodies are entirely written by Lea Marie”, something that is almost unheard of in today’s collaborative world of songwriting.  Check her out at her official website, http://www.LeaMarieMusic.comhttp://CDBaby.com/cd/LeaMarie, www.myspace.com/leamariemusic, www.sonicbids.com/leamariemusic as well as her numerous music videos on www.YouTube.com/leamariemusic

Lea Marie wishes to acknowledge with special thanks to all of my family, friends, teachers, administrators, mentors who have guided, supported and encouraged me down this wonderful road of music.  A heartfelt thanks and love to my Mom, Geri, for her endless energy, tireless work on my behalf and consistent juggling to balance both my education as well as my singer/songwriting career.   Hugs and Kisses to my Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Ray. I am grateful for and send my love to my producer, Robert Tepper, who instantly connected with me and my material.  All of his efforts on my behalf are very much appreciated.  Thanks to my mixer, Jared Robbins, who put the final spin on my material.  And additional thanks to my mastering man, Stephen Marsh, who pulled it all together!

A big shout out to the following people: Jerry Persampieri, Robert Seibel, Gary Tachell, Gary  Chiate, Marvin Rush, Michael Rush, Bob Marks, Mark Wolf, Lucy Ho, Chip Schutzman, Bryce Winter, Toni Koch, John and JoAnn Braheny, Jason Blume, Dan Kimpel, Brian Stewart, Todd Hirsch, Christina Alexandra, Judith Dornstein, James Fuchs, Barbara Cane, Brian Jones, Gary Spatz, Ron and Andrea Abrams, John Grossbard, Harriet Schock, Judy Lamppu and Steven Scott, Pat Pattison, Joe Maggini, Dr. Nasseri, Tess Taylor, Bernard Baur, Samm Brown, Ritch Esra, David Levin, Evette Fergerson, Chilitos, Henry Gill, Jim Atteberry, Stephen GC, Guy Marshall, Delia Llampa, Gary Spatz, Colin Brown, Lis Lewis and Jon Brooklin,


Lea's current ambition is to become a top-selling pop artist while continuing her flourishing songwriting career. Lea Marie was selected #1 Pop Demo of 2007 in Music Connection magazine. "Hard to imagine a package that's tighter than this one. In every way, 16 year old Lea Marie's music and visual presentation are commercially viable. The production simply pops! The artist not only sings well, but has lots of pro stage experience which suggests she can put these tunes over in a live setting. No question he would shine brightly in the current Disney/Hollywood Records Juggernaut. John Braheny, author of "the Craft & Business of Songwriting", says "Lea Marie's talent and work ethic put her at the top of my list of teen singer/songwriters most likely to succeed! Jason Blume, hit songwriter/best selling music biz author, agrees "Lea Marie's got it all - the voice, the songs, and the look. The fact that Lea Marie is writing and recording this caliber of work at sixteen is incredible and I have no doubt that she's destined for a very successful career."

Music Connection Magazine Review (Acrobat PDF)

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Lea Marie is available for performance as a live act, whether solo or with players and dancers. Lea composes, arranges, produces and performs her original music on piano, keyboard and guitar. Lea Marie is also interested in furthering her career as an actor, seeing additional movie credits in her future. The artist is affiliated with BMI, NARAS, HPA, ASYM, NARIP, TAXI, SGA, LAcasting.com, ActorsAccess.com and supports other non-profit songwriter organizations as a way of giving back.

Links and More Info:

Official website, http://www.LeaMarieMusic.com

CD Baby,   http://CDBaby.com/cd/LeaMarie

MySpace, www.myspace.com/leamariemusic

SonicBids, www.sonicbids.com/leamariemusic

YouTube, (music videos) www.YouTube.com/leamariemusic 


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