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Karie Hillery
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My life long commitment to expressing myself through music has taken medown many roads. When I sang Mary Magdalene's part in the church at 14,who would have guessed that after years as a club performer, bandleaderstudio owner and session singer, I would return to the spiritual base that began my musical path!  As my journey continues, I grow in gratitude and amazement at the many blessings of my gifts.  The road has had it's share of bumps and detours, but the simple reward of doing that which one feels compelled to do is a tremendous blessing.

As I have performed internationally and expanded my musical skillsbeyond performing, to songwriting, engineering and production,arranging, coaching and mentoring, I feel that I have grown not onlymusically, but as a human being.  I feel ever more driven to createmusic that truly reaches into the heart of the listener... moving,inspiring, compelling them to be proactive members of  a peacefulplanet.  My personal desire to be the positive and peaceful changethat I want to see in the world grows stronger with every negativeevent I witness. The drive that compels me is a powerful force.

Growing steadily through my first 4 releases, my 2 newest CDs,"Light the Way" and "Peace Instead" (2007) were born of thisdesire. I have never worked in a more intense or focusedmanner... non-stop composing and recording for nearly a year.  Ihad the immense talent and commitment of my multiinstrumentalist "big brother" Kenny Susan


to carry me along.Between the two of us, with some additional musical magic from my long time favorite wood wind man Jim Thompson, percussionist Rafael Herrera and others, we brought thematerial to life..and now as it reaches out into the world a life of it's own.  The response to this music has beenheartwarming and immensely inspiring!

The doors that have opened with the opportunity to engineer,create and produce, mentor and collaborate with and for otherartists amazes me. From Dr. Janette Marie Freeman's "MindPrints" guided meditations that I created the music under aswell as engineered and produced, to Randy and Stephen's"Conscious Creation" a motivational and inspiring message CDsupported by Stephen's very cool music, to Varsha Saxon'supcoming beautiful acoustic piano with flute CD my role growsas an engineer producer.  What an honor to work with suchtalented and motivated artists.

From the US to Europe, coffeehouse to church to festival tobookstore and every venue in between, sharing the message inthis music is a joy.  I believe that together we can makebeautiful ideas into reality. Together we can create a worldat peace.and music is my vehicle to do exactly that!








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