Jody Whitesides , producer/songwriter/engineer


Jody Whitesides

Jody Whitesides has been producing and marketing CD's for the past 10 years with a back catalog of 5 releases. He has performed in various venues: from coffee houses to theaters (the Roxy, the House of Blues, the Coachhouse) and outdoor special events.

Jody has been solicited to play guitar for such bands as Buck Cherry, Lisa Loeb, John Mayer, Tal Bachman, and has been a guest performer with the Boogie Knights.

Jody has also garnered the attention and sponsorship of several major music instrument manufacturers, including Taylor guitars, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Native Instruments Software, Sennheiser microphones and electronics, Line 6, Groove Tubes, Joe's Guitars, Dean Markley Strings, and Emagic Software - now owned by Apple. Joe's Guitars has already constructed a line of guitars that bear his name, as Jody plays their guitars.

He designed and constructed his own website,, and continually updates the site to keep it fresh and contemporary. His newest CD, Practical Insanity, is a massive leap forward in his songwriting and production skills. Practical Insanity is a CD containing twelve songs recorded in the best digital quality available. The impending DVD release contains video footage of the making of Practical Insanity, a music video for the songs All The Things, Falling In , and surround sound mixes of all the songs.


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