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Jimi Yamagishi
Photo: T. Honles

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Jimi performing at
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
Photo: T. Honles


"A handshake & a smile".

Jimi Yamagishi is a songwriter advocate, motivational speaker & someone who knows the importance of knowing people for who they are, not for what they can do for you. In this day & age of virtual reality, SongNet is a welcome respite from the world of WAV files & MP3's, where songwriters of all levels can find encouragement & a warm hug while improving their craft & meeting the people that can really make a difference in their careers.


With decades in music on both sides of the glass, Jimi understands what it means to be a songwriter & artist, along with the realities of owning an independent record label as well. As the current director of the Songwriter's Network, he's committed to bringing together industry & community, 'cuz he knows every song has value & needs to be heard.


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contact: jimi@TheSongNet.org


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