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Gilli Returns to SongNet and the Coffee Gallery Backstage!

July 7, 2004

Gilli Moon returns from the road, a CD, a book, and a road tour with Monty Python's Eric Idle to tell all! More info here...

Gilli and JimiGilli Moon, Australian, California-based, recording artist, Independent record label owner and author, is now available as guest speaker for musicians, songwriters and music industry enthusiasts, with her seminar "Doing It The Indie Way." Please find attached information about her seminars as well as the release of her book "I Am A Professional Artist." To book Gilli Moon for a seminar, book signing and/or performance, please contact us at 310-238-0359 or 602-809-0206

Interested in Gilli's book, "I Am A Professional Artist"?

Take a look at it at! Click here.


On Feb 6, 2002, and The Coffee Gallery featured Gilli Moon,

founder of Songsalive!, an Australian-based songwriters organization with a Los Angeles chapter in the Valley. With loads of experience to share in pursuing her art, her career, and an independent path, Gilli connected on the professional level as well as the personal and emotional level with all who attended this songwriters' event.



"Optimism + Organized = Opportunity"

"You need Drive, Commitment, Focus, Energy, but above all.... Passion"

"let them come to're like a magnet when you start doing something you are passionate about, something you love..."

"my question to you is...what do you define success as?"

"where's that [out of reach] 'industry' that you're talking about, is it up on a shelf up there where you can't get to it? Look around the room... this IS the industry, you're doing it, you're looking at it!"



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