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July 7 2004

Gilli Moon


Our VERY SPECIAL guest for our July 7th meeting is the legendary Queen of Indie, GILLI MOON.

Gilli is a personal friend that I've watched rise up from an unknown Aussie Transplant to an international star, in just a few years. She's a perfect example of the DIY ethic & has multiple careers as a graphic artist, producer, label exec, musician & author, AND runs Songsalive!, an international songwriter & artists organization, based out of Australia.

On The Road. Between touring the world in support of her book AND latest CD, & a national tour with Monty Python's Eric Idle, Gilli spent more time on the road than at home last year. With so much in her life, it's a rare opportunity to get her to sit in one place for a sec &  this time she'll be discussing The Art of Self-Promotion.

Self-Promotion. When is it too little, when is it not enough? How to balance plugging your music and band in the current music indie culture. Tips on how to promote, including street promotion, the Internet, live performances, merchandise and CDs. How to compete on the street with the Majors and commercial artists who have money, power and major music marketing strategies. Defining success on your own terms becoming self-empowered.

The three "O"s that define her path to success (Organization + Optimism = Opportunity) will also be discussed & as with all our guests, She'll be listening to YOUR work, sharing her insights on how to move forward as a Professional Artist.

So if you want real world examples from a real world person so you can really BE the artist you are, You'll be there!

July 7th, 7:30PM
Gilli Moon @ SongNet
The Coffee Gallery backstage
2029 N. lake Ave
2 miles N off the 210 Fwy
just 20 Minutes from the valley


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