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Hey Baby, It's JayBaby!

The following is on the streets of Los Angeles right now, and will soon appear in lots of other places. It's in the September 18-October1 issue of NoHo>LA magazine. Enjoy. -Scott

Hey Baby, It's JayBaby! Earl "Crumarr" Anderson is creating the next dynasty in hip hop, smooth jazz, R&B, and soul music, and he's doing it the old-fashioned way: by making great tunes. While he has dozens of tracks recorded, he has selected ten super sleek instrumentals to highlight on his web site ( You'll find they're bubbling over with sensual excitement and subtle flavors.

Now comes the final touch, and it may involve you! Do you sing? Do you rap? Do you croon? If so, you should make a vocal demo and get it to Crumarr right away. You can download one of his tracks, write some lyrics, and record your vocals on top of it.

Don't worry about mixing because Crumarr is a genius at that. Just have some fine times with your rhymes. Then encode your track as an mp3 file and e-mail it to:

Or contact him for a mailing address and send him a CD. Who knows, within a few weeks, we could all be writing about your being signed to JayBaby Records. - THE G-MAN Immedia Wire Service



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