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C J Littlepage
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CJ Littlepage was a frequent showcase performer and a kind friend to many at SongNet. Although he has left us and moved on to places other than our little planet, his memory, his friendship, and his unique artistic expression lives on with us. This page remains here as a dedication to our good friend, CJ Littlepage.


CJ Littlepage is a Singer/Songwriter of Country, Folk, and Americana music.

Sometime ago, while CJ was at the Kerrville Folk Festival, he sat down under a tree and at the request of attending friends, started playing some of his compositions. The down to earth melodies and cleverly observant lyrics in a down-home, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant kind of way attracted the attention of attending musicians and songwriters. It wasn't much later that those same talented individuals who gathered around to listen, began to lend their talents to the music that CJ was making.

Featured Music:
LIVING ON THE MEMORIES is a 10 song project that CJ did awhile back in Nashville, with some of Music City's finest A-team studio musicians, the same musicians whose names you would frequently find in the credits of major label CD releases.

C J Littlepage
Photo: Kat Ring

CJ Littlepage, appears regularly throughout the LA and Orange County music scene..


"Camping In Concert", by Minna Morse, with photographers, was a story on The Kerrville Texas Folk Festival, featured the folk musicians in the Festival, including CJ Littlepage. The article, describing the fine music and the ensuing impromptu mini-concerts' participants, appears on page 16 of the June 2000 issue of SMITHSONIAN Magazine.


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