What is a Song Circle?

Simply put, it’s literally a buncha songwriters sitting in a circle, sharing songs with each other. Warm & friendly, no hassle or pretense.

For beginners & hobbyists, it’s a comfortable place to start getting your stuff out there. Maybe even see if your stuff is something good enough for serious commercial applications. For those with some experience or higher aspirations, it’s the perfect opportunity to play your new or existing work in a creative context, & a place to meet possible collaborators & make connections with your music.

It’s a good place to find out who’s doing what at which clubs & studios around town.

For serious pros, it’s a chance to show ‘em how it’s done, kids. To be a mentor, & to see how stuff works, along with the networking ops mentioned.

For non-songwriters & performer-only types, it’s a great place to find new material to use or enjoy, great new works from artists in the
neighborhood, or a chance to meet the legend next door you didn’t realize had five gold records, a couple of cuts on your favorite move, & just got off the road with a favorite artist.

As always, FREE, with a tipjar for donations, ‘cuz these days, any space is gonna cost something. But we will have coffee & stuff available as part of the deal, so what you drop in the bucket would be like what you woulda spent anyway, right?

It’s a return to our roots, & if it goes well & attendees want to keep it going, we may add it on in addition to our 1st & 3rd Wednesday meetings @
the ‘Gallery.