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CASH IN POCKET, by Jimi Yamagishi

Revenue Streams in the Music Industry

So, you’ve gone past the 7 secrets to survival, & now want a serious career.

How do I get more money into my income stream?
(as long as nobody gets hurt or busted)

Look at how ANY industry or person creates income.
Supply vs Demand.

A good example are music tchokes. Bottle opener? so what?
GUITAR SHAPED bottle opener? Hell ya! I'll take a dozen!
Same product, different marketing strategy.

Hot chicks, hot cars, hot stereo, at a car show. Nice.
Hot chicks, hot cars, LIVE BANDS, it’s an AUTOMOTIVE FESTIVAL!

Gallery opening, canned music , cool.
Gallery opening, acoustic jazz trio, Elegant!

I met a karaoke singer at a wedding, and did a few weddings together as a duet. She went from 100 bux using tapes to splitting 300 with me live, AND splitting tips.

Thinking outside the box. Finding untapped PAYING gigs. Creating events that people are willing to spend money to come see. Using your niche market potential to sell product & play places other artists can't do or are unable (or unwilling) to attempt.

"Naked Cowboy" has been in Times Square for several years. He can afford to be there so long because he has a unique niche. His music is barely adequate, but he makes plenty in tips & merchandising.

Danny Elfman is making more than ever in royalties from TV work, proving there is life after Boingo.

A personal acquaintance gets a check regularly from Toyota, because she is the"Please fasten your seatbelt" voice in every Lexus sold.
Another gets his checks from Activision because of the radical guitar parts he put into several games.

Sometimes thinking outside the box means putting it INSIDE a box.

“Sampling” toys are everywhere. You’ve seen those toy guitars that play a lil’ riff. That Elvis doll that shakes & sings 5 of his hits Sure that costs a bit. But how ‘bout on a smaller scale?

Shutup & listen.

Ringtones are just a start.

That catering truck playing “Mexican Hat Dance”. Could be your tune. That buzzing egg timer. What’s more alarming than a hot-rodded Strat into a full-tilt Marshall? Ever notice that NO keyboard has that ATT “connecting” sound? It’s because it’s TRADEMARKED & COPYWRITTEN. To put that sound into your KORG would cost a zillion dollars. SOMEONE is making money on a single SOUND.

Think. Any sound you hear can be put on a chip & played back. Music can be added to the most mundane things. Instead of a sweet tinkling jewelry box, why not a BOXX THAT ROXX!

A heavy metal picture frame that plays HEAVY METAL! You’ve all seen or gotten one of those musical greeting cards. By yourself, the amount of merch you need to commit to is a lil’ staggering. But, JOIN FORCES with others, maybe a full on publishing consortium, & find out where those gift manufacturers get their music, & hookup a licensing deal across several bands/artists thru that. Create a marketing strategy that goes into places like Pac Sun & Hot Topic. Tattoo Parlors. Yoga supply centers. Music stores. Know your market & bring yourself to them.

That catering truck by the warehouse does well because they bring food to where the people are. Duh.

AND, don’t forget the merch. Besides printing your face on t-shirts & mugs, how ‘bout jewelry?

Create a cool logo & have a local jeweler whip up some cool stuff. Or a jewelry hobbyist. Yeah, you know you have a VH pin SOMEPLACE in a drawer. A couple of other people I know make jewelry out of used guitar & bass strings!

What price glory? Sure, with some of these income streams, to the world, you may be anonymous. But hey, it's nice to go to the market without being mobbed by fans for the same pocketful of dead presidents, right?

Okay, now you’re making money off my free advice. Buy me lunch.

- Jimi