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March 16 2005
Surprise Birthday Celebration Night ("aka the JIMI Awards")

Last night was one of those that just sneaks up on ya & humbles ya way beyond your wildest expectations.

Jim Potkey, our SongNet ShowCase director turned our lil' showcase into a surprise birthday party for me. Loved, honored, humbled, touched, moved...emotions hittin' me at once. Big ol' cake, decorations, a full backline t' jam with, & a FULL HOUSE which included some industry friends like John Braheny, Tess Taylor, Ryan Vinson, Travis Allen & others, & a lineup filled with headliners. Those that were there, THANK YOU for coming! Those that sent email greetings, I promise t' get back to ya all asap! & for those that have no idea wazzup, here's a lil' background...

A couple of months ago, our showcase director (Jim) announced from stage that there was going to be an "awards show" in March. I didn't know about it, we hadn't discussed it, & I was a lil' concerned, 'cuz I believe art should be appreciated, not judged, & I'm personally about as anti-contest as you can get. He assured me it wasn't like that, & we discussed moving forward with his plans. I figured a lil' "happy birthday" someplace during the showcase, & maybe a lil' certificate for some kind of milestones for a few members would be it. Turned out to be a surprise party & tribute to me. Tess & John even got up & gave me props. Wow! Being recognized by two of the most honored & reputable people in the industry is quite humbling.
Because, it's really not about me.

Almost 35 years in this industry has shown me that there are thousands of artists far more deserving of success than I, & to clog the mainstream with my lil' tunes would almost be criminal. I am fortunate & honored that I have friends that will take a few moments out of their day to listen to what I have to offer both in my writings & music. I'm glad to know what I do has helped someone feel good, or provided empowerment & encouragement when they needed it. I'm also fortunate enough to call some of the finest songwriters & musicians in the world friends, yet, many of them struggle in relative obscurity, because they're either unaware of the opportunities available to them, or were really unsure of the value of their work.

Some just need to know who to contact. Others need to know where their music will be most appreciated There are some that still refuse to believe someone is here to help 'em move forward, & have been struggling for years trying to get over obstacles that have become stepping stones for many of us.

I've been documenting every step of my most recent project just to show how easily it can be done, to lay it out like a roadmap to provide options for anyone interested in getting their music out into the world, & making a living doing it if they desire. Like Thomas Brothers. Imagine if they didn't share their knowlege or decided to stop making maps. Sure, someone would eventually pickup the slack, but meanwhile, people would be lost.

So, I appreciate the love & support, & thank you all for that.

Just remember it's not all about me. Hopefully what we've done to establish SongNet will continue long after I'm gone, as long as there are artists willing to share their hears & souls. As long as we can call each other "friends".

Love to you all!

- Jimi